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Today’s Progress 12-16-14

Holy cow. I just noticed the date, and I can’t believe that there are only 9 days left until Christmas. December has flown by, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. Today has actually been pretty productive. I spent my entire day yesterday in bed because I was so sick. I didn’t even make dinner. We ended up… Read more →

Today’s Goals 12-1-14

Today, I woke up pretty early. Normally, I’ll sleep well past 8am, but, for some reason, I woke up around 7, and I was wide awake. I laid in bed and looked at my phone until my little one woke up. We came downstairs, had some breakfast, and I procrastinated getting started with my day. On the bright side, I… Read more →

Today’s Plans

For some reason, I’m super tired lately, and I can’t get up early for anything. I didn’t roll out of bed today until like 8:30 this morning. Getting up late always just puts a hazy fog over my day, and I feel like I can’t catch up. I’ve done basically nothing today. I had to finish painting my pumpkin so… Read more →

Is It Thursday?

I have been having such a weird week. My husband has been on a really weird work schedule, so he has been home at weird times. Plus, I just got back from vacation, which always throws me off a little. But, it is Thursday. I just had to make sure. Today has been really lazy. I didn’t even roll out… Read more →

Today is Basically Over

I got almost everything done that I had wanted to do. The only bad part is I didn’t do the writing that I wanted to. I wanted to make a serious effort, but, instead, I chilled. I did chores and other things that wouldn’t earn me a dime, and now I’m feeling guilty about it. On the bright side, I… Read more →

Update on My Day

I had some pretty heft goals today, and I think I’ve done pretty well at chipping away at my to-do list. So far, I’ve managed to unpack, get both rooms cleaned, and I took care of the dog. I also washed all the dishes, wiped down the counters, cleaned the living room, dusted, and vacuumed. I even swept a little.… Read more →

Halfway There!

I feel like I’ve hit a halfway point in the various things I’m trying to get done today. So far, I have managed to get all my stuff unpacked, my room is cleaned, and I picked up my daughter’s room. It took me forever because I had taken enough things for two weeks. Plus, when you travel with a toddler,… Read more →

Goals for 10-28-14

It’s Tuesday, and I’m feeling lazy, which isn’t a very good sign. But I can turn it around! Usually, writing out my goals or a checklist for the day helps me get on track, figure out what needs to be done, and decide what my top priorities are. So here goes nothing… After this post, I am going to get… Read more →

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