So… maybe this is totally an old person hobby, but I really love puzzles. When my mom came for a visit, we ended up going through two entire 1000-piece puzzles, and it reminded me how much I love to do them. The ones we bought were pretty difficult, too. Normally, with scenes, you can kind of sort the colors of… Read more →

It’s that time again…

Just as every day, I find myself struggling to keep working around this time in the afternoon. Why? It’s so frustrating, and I literally feel angry with myself. Why can’t I push myself to finish out the day? I’m not making  a massive amount of headway in my to-do list. I’ve done a bit of cleaning, and I’ve answered some… Read more →

That 3 o’clock Slump

Every day, it seems, I hit a wall around 3 o’clock. I’ve made progress on things that need to be done, and I am feeling positive. I usually have lunch around two, so it gives me a break. But, in trying to go back to work from that break, I struggle. Today, I’ve gotten so much done: emails, graded papers,… Read more →

Crossing Things Off My List

Each day, I write out a list of things I hope to get done. Usually, I aim to have it done by the time my husband gets home from work. That doesn’t always happen, and sometimes I work more after dinner together. Some days, I don’t even get close to finished everything. But, today is different. I’ve already managed to… Read more →

The Quality Here on BlogJob

I have to say, I’m super impressed with the quality of writing that’s happening here on BlogJob. When I first started writing for this site, I feel like so many writers were just putting anything into a post. Literally, I could read someone’s grocery list or random thoughts that made no sense and had no organization. But, as I scroll… Read more →

Looking Back

The last time I was writing hardcore for this site, I was at the most financially unstable point in my life. I mean, we literally didn’t have enough to make ends me, and it was all just too much of a struggle. I was always stressed, unhappy, and desperately searching for a way to make things work. I just looked… Read more →


I’ve recently started trying to be more “mindful.” That is, I don’t push myself. If i’m fighting myself to get something done, and I’m searching for any way to procrastinate, which essentially results in an afternoon of nothing getting done (not even relaxing), I take a break. If I’m fighting myself to not get on Facebook while responding to emails,… Read more →

Writing for Mental Health

The other day, I was perusing my Facebook feed, and an article stuck out to me. The basic idea of this article was that people who blog or journal regularly have a higher level of mental health and report a greater level of happiness and satisfaction from their lives. Basically, writing about your problems allows you to rehash what happened,… Read more →

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