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Four Word Horror Story

Today, as I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, I came across a post that really caught my interest. It was a game where you create the most horrific story you can with just four words. My brain went reeling. There were so many ways to take it, and I found that, depending on what part of my life I… Read more →


I’ve recently started trying to be more “mindful.” That is, I don’t push myself. If i’m fighting myself to get something done, and I’m searching for any way to procrastinate, which essentially results in an afternoon of nothing getting done (not even relaxing), I take a break. If I’m fighting myself to not get on Facebook while responding to emails,… Read more →

Writing for Mental Health

The other day, I was perusing my Facebook feed, and an article stuck out to me. The basic idea of this article was that people who blog or journal regularly have a higher level of mental health and report a greater level of happiness and satisfaction from their lives. Basically, writing about your problems allows you to rehash what happened,… Read more →

Novel Idea

With National Novel Writing Month (November) coming up, I find myself getting excited. I wanted to participate last year, but a few things got in my way. Plus, I didn’t know about the event until it was already November 1st, so I didn’t have any time to prepare. This year, I am planning to do a much better job. It… Read more →

Feeling Accomplished!

Awhile ago, I became a writer on a site where you have to pitch ideas to the client, and the client will choose the best pitch. That writer will get the assignment. Then, after you write the piece, it has to go through a lengthy review process between the client and the site’s editors. It can take up to two… Read more →

My Decision to Leave Bubblews

Many freelance writers know about the revenue-share sites. Basically, you write posts that meet the requirements for the site, and you get a certain amount of money according to the number of views your posts get. The money comes from the advertising that gets placed all over the site, including the writers’ posts. Bubblews is one of these sites. You… Read more →

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