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Gender Roles

Every culture has its gender roles. In America, we’re pretty stuck in a rut, but I feel like society is starting to take steps to level the playing field. In general, girls are taught to be mothers and homemakers. Their toys are baby dolls, barbies, pretend cooking and cleaning supplies, and pretend makeup. They’re taught from the very beginning that… Read more →

Persuasive Essays

For one of the programs I work for, I’m having to grade persuasive essays. The students can pick just about any topic they’d like, and they have to eventually turn this paper into a letter in hopes of creating some sort of change. They get points for how mature their idea is (i.e., asking parents for a puppy gets a… Read more →

Soul Mates

When it comes to soul mates, there are so many theories that no one really agrees on. In fact, there are some that say soul mates aren’t even a real thing. For instance, some may say that love takes work. With all the people in the world, you’re compatible with more than one. Statistically speaking, they have to be right.… Read more →

Madness vs. Brilliance

I was reading this survey the other day, and it asked the following question: “What is the difference between madness and brilliance?” This is an interesting idea. I mean, there is a thin line, but what is it? And how can one person feel competent enough to tell the difference? I think the main difference is whether or not the… Read more →

Ugly on the Inside

There are some people out there who are absolutely gorgeous. They have the best hair, the nicest smile, and they radiate beauty. But, some of the people negate all of those good looks because of the person who they are on the inside. Personality traits and tendencies have a huge impact on how you’re perceived. You can be the most… Read more →

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