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My Candy Crush Addiction

Okay. So I started that game when it first came out, and everyone was so addicted to it. I was not immune. I would play all the time, and I hated that time I had to wait to get new lives so that I could attempt another level. There was serious joy when I passed a ridiculously hard level. Then,… Read more →

Review: Constant Content

I write for quite a few sites, and some tend to be better than others. I started writing for Constant Content pretty recently. I think I submitted my first article sometime in August or September. I had some leftover articles that had been rejected on Blog Mutt, so I decided to recycle them. I submitted the articles with a few… Read more →

Movie Review: Timer

I was browsing through Neflix the other day, and I came across this move called Timer. It’s about the future where people get timers inserted into their wrists. The timer counts down the the moment when they meet their soul mate. Some people only have to wait a few months or even days, while some have to wait many years.… Read more →

Today So Far…

Today started out pretty slow. We woke up late, and we had some amazing donuts. Then, we proceeded to watch Dexter while I wrote a little bit. But I only got a few posts finished. Then, I decided that I had to do something, so I changed the channel. I cleaned the kitchen and washed the bottles, which didn’t take… Read more →

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