Moving Forward, Hanging In There

Life has been hectic, as usual.

My son has started teething, and it’s really taking a toll on him. On top of that, both my kids managed to get a cold, and it’s been Runny Nose City up in this house. Needless to say, two semi-sick kids makes it really hard to get things done.

Work has been overloading me, as well. I mean, I can get most of everything done, but I haven’t been able (or motivated) to touch my editing stuff. I’ve got a piece I’ve been sitting on for literally a month. I invoiced big fat nothing this month. And I’ve only done five of the questions. It’s literally going to take an entire rewrite, and I just can’t make myself do it. Plus, it’s super hard to keep going on those. I need to focus, and things keep dragging me away. Once I stop, it’s hard to make myself start up again. I just need to do it. Like, yesterday.

(Clearly, I’m procrastinating… I’m even taking time to write a post, as opposed to working on it).

For today, I still need to get a few things done. I need to clean, and I need to work on my editing piece. Plus, I need to create some quizzes for two of my private tutoring students. I’m going to babysit my husband’s friend’s kid. It’s my hubby’s friend’s birthday today, so they are going to go out for dinner. That should be fun for them. And my daughter really likes to hang out with the son. They’re 3. 🙂

… (an hour later)…

Holy cow, this is taking me forever to write this post. I’ve literally stopped and started like four different times. I managed to get some cleaning done, and I got the last of the work that HAS to be done today all finished.

I just need to focus a bit more on editing that piece. I’m not sure what it’s going to take to motivate me… surely I can do this.


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