Four Word Horror Story

Today, as I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, I came across a post that really caught my interest. It was a game where you create the most horrific story you can with just four words.

My brain went reeling. There were so many ways to take it, and I found that, depending on what part of my life I was looking at, there was a different statement I could make.

For instance, I am totally a nerdy student. I focused on straight As, and I made the Dean’s List every semester in college. In that aspect of my life, this would be my horror story:

You failed the final.

There are other aspect of my life that would be really affected by failure, as well. For instance, in my writing career, this would be awful to hear:

This piece is trash.

In general, I think just about anyone would dread hearing these words:

You don’t belong here.

Also, I’m an army wife. We send our husbands away to war while we hold everything down in the states. When my husband was deployed, my heart literally sank every time my bell rang, especially if I wasn’t expecting anyone. For that part of my life, this is the nightmare:

He’s not coming home.

The most important part of my life these days has to be my kids, though. They are my world. I never knew I could love a little person as much as I love my kids until I experienced this craziness. Any mom can attest to this: you can’t help but love your kids. So, this might be my nightmare:

She’s at peace now.

Or worse, this:

I’m the sole survivor.

It’s such an odd concept to think about. The power of four words is really limitless. And, to try to create something really impactful in such a small space is a real challenge. Now the question is, what would your horror story be?

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