Running Behind

I started out waking up at like 7am this morning. That’s about normal, if not a bit early for me. Since my little one still wakes often throughout the night, I sleep in as late as the kids will let me. But, regardless, I always wake up tired.

Anyway, I thought, “Sweet. I’ll be able to get a jump on my work today and really get some stuff done.”

Hah. That was wrong.

First, I think Little Man might be teething. He’s super fussy, chewing on everything, and crying if he chews on something that’s too hard. And he gnaws on anything that’s super chewy. I feel awful for him. And it’s definitely taking a toll on my ability to work on the computer.

So, I’ve managed to get some stuff done. My emails accumulated over the weekend, and my inbox had about 30 in there. That took forever. Then, I realized that this week is a conference week with my other school. This means going through each of my students’ essays with a fine tooth comb to make sure they have all the pieces and all their ideas are developed. Luckily, only one student signed up for today. I got that done, as well.

Now, I’m on my second blog post of the day. I’m hoping to get at least four done, and, if I have time, I’d like to hit 1,000 points today. That’d be awesome.

I still need to respond to my private tutoring students.

And my main priority of the day is to get done grading all of my students comparative essays. That’d be awesome to get that out of the way. It’s crazy to think that, in just two more months, that school will be over. They are halfway done with their persuasive essays, and then they only have to get their final project done to be completely done. It’s crazy how fast time is flying. But, I still have to get through these grades. And I’m like 4 weeks behind on grading the little assignments. Ugh. And it’s already after noon, so I need to get moving on this junk.

I’ll be done and able to focus more on editing and blogging. That’ll be a nice break 🙂

I hope everyone is having an awesome Monday!

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