So… maybe this is totally an old person hobby, but I really love puzzles.

When my mom came for a visit, we ended up going through two entire 1000-piece puzzles, and it reminded me how much I love to do them.

The ones we bought were pretty difficult, too. Normally, with scenes, you can kind of sort the colors of the pieces, and you can kind of guess where a piece will go based on the color. But the first one we did was a massive collage of snack food items, old and new. You could see vintage snack cakes alongside the common day twinkies, and there was a label for the Hostess chocolate cupcakes from just about every decade. It was super cool. And it took forever. I don’t know how many Hostess and Little Debbie labels there were, but it took forever to find which piece it went to. That puzzle took us about three days to finish.

The second one was a lot more organized. It was 24 cupcakes, and each cupcake had its own colored background. You could figure out which piece when where based on the color of the frosting or sprinkles, or depending on what color the background was. It was just a matter of figuring out where the cupcake went in the whole puzzle. That one only took us about a day and a half.

And it was such an awesome bonding experience. Since we had something to do, there was no need to make unnecessary small talk or to fill the silence with chatter. Instead, we just enjoyed each other’s company while working toward a common goal.

Now, I’m missing working on a puzzle. I almost want to head to the store to get another one. But, undoubtedly, I know that it’ll just make me sad. I miss home a lot these days, and such a blatant reminder of what I’m missing will definitely dampen my spirits.

So… for now, I write.

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