Crossing Things Off My List

Each day, I write out a list of things I hope to get done. Usually, I aim to have it done by the time my husband gets home from work. That doesn’t always happen, and sometimes I work more after dinner together. Some days, I don’t even get close to finished everything.

But, today is different.

I’ve already managed to cross five things off of my list, and this post will enable me to cross off a sixth. And it’s only 11am! Not too shabby, if I say so myself. I still need to clean, work on tax stuff, and focus on that assessment that needs to be edited. And I really want to make some time to read this book that I’ve really been getting into. It’s set in London, and it’s interesting to see how different that culture is from the one I’m accustomed to. I feel myself itching to pick it up and get lost in the pages.

Sometimes I feel frustrated, though. I mean, I feel like so much of life needs to be productive just to survive. Where is the time for relaxing or spending time with loved ones? If I don’t carve out time just for that, it never happens, which really makes me feel sad. I want to have that positive time and to make those memories, especially with my kids. I want them to feel important and special and worth my time. I have to continue to make myself work faster to get everything done so I have the time to make them feel that way. In the end, though, I’m so exhausted that I barely have enough energy to really play and enjoy time with them.

So, for now I’m just going to take it a little at a time. I can do that, right?


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