Looking Back

The last time I was writing hardcore for this site, I was at the most financially unstable point in my life. I mean, we literally didn’t have enough to make ends me, and it was all just too much of a struggle. I was always stressed, unhappy, and desperately searching for a way to make things work.

I just looked at a post from 2014, and it took me back. I remember those crappy dinners I’d made because we didn’t have enough money to buy the good ingredients. I can remember worrying that I might not have enough laundry soap to stretch to the next paycheck. It’s a horrible way to live.

And I’m never going back.

I’ve gotten some jobs, and I work hard. I may slack off from time to time, but I make it work. And I’ve been able to buy things I never thought I’d be able to afford. I mean, I was able to buy everything I needed for my new son, and I was able to enjoy a few months of just baby care at home because of the stash I’d saved up. Heck, we even took some trips to California to see our family. It was wonderful.

Looking forward, I have a lot of hope. I hope to pay off my student loans and credit card debt. I hope to build a huge savings for college for both of my kids. And I hope to be able to save enough for my retirement that I’m not a burden on anyone when I become too old to work. (That’s one good thing about my job… I can do this for long into my old age.)

Needless to say, I’m feeling really positive about my situation these days. And looking back helped me to realize just how far I’ve come, how much I should be appreciating things now, and how strong I am to be able to overcome challenges like that.

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