Writing for Mental Health

The other day, I was perusing my Facebook feed, and an article stuck out to me.

The basic idea of this article was that people who blog or journal regularly have a higher level of mental health and report a greater level of happiness and satisfaction from their lives. Basically, writing about your problems allows you to rehash what happened, and it allows you to move forward. I think that, once you get it out, you don’t really dwell on it.

For me, that sounds awesome.

I have struggled with mental health in the past, and my family has a massive history of depression, bi-polarism, and a variety of other mental health issues. I can’t really afford to bottle everything up. I need an outlet. By blogging, I’m able to not only release some of that tension and emotional buildup, but, with this site, I can make a little extra cash, too! I mean, where’s the down side?

The romantic side of me totally prefers to hand-write things, but, this is better. It makes my time and words a bit more valuable, and the chance that somebody actually might read it really appeals to me. I want my words to be heard, so to speak.

So what’s bugging me these days?

Well… my mom has been visiting for the past two weeks. She’s been cleaning, helping me with the kids, and really helping me because I’m not feeling as lonely. It’s been amazing. The problem? She’s leaving in two days…

It’s just hard. I cook, clean, work three jobs, take care of two kids, and manage the household (bills, errands, etc.). I do a lot. And it’s definitely a thankless job. By having my mom here, it takes a whole lot of weight off of me, meaning I can relax. Heck, we even had time to read and work on some puzzles we bought. I’m sad that it has to go back to the way it was. It’s just easier when she’s around. Am I selfish to want her to stay?

Who knows… maybe I am…

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