Holy Cow… It’s been forever!

Hello, Blogjob!

What’s new with me? Psh… just about everything.

I stopped writing for this site (and all of my sites, actually) because I got pregnant, and I was so sick that I couldn’t stare at the computer screen. I’d literally make my morning sickness worse by trying to type. It was awful.


But, that’s all different now!


I’ve actually gone through my entire pregnancy and he’s now a happy 7-month-old little boy. He has definitely stolen my heart.


What else happened? A lot!


In December of 2014, my family and I were so broke that we were barely making ends meet. With a new baby on the way, I became determined. I wasn’t going to raise my children in poverty, and I was going to find a way to provide for my kids. I gave up my selfish need to become a writer, and I started applying for jobs. Like, literally, I applied for about 30 home-based positions in fields like transcription, tutoring, and editing.


My first job was tutoring for a site. As fate had it, I ended up getting a repeat student that LOVED my work, and she used me for almost every homework assignment she had. I was making quite a bit of money. In the meantime, several other of my applications were being processed, and I actually heard back from a lot of difference companies. The choice was mine!


I ended up ditching the tutoring job. It was a lot of work hours, and I felt like it wasn’t enough money for all the stress I was being put under.


However, I got offered two teaching positions that would start in the fall of 2015. I though, “This will be perfect!” My son will be a few months old by then, so I’ll be ready to jump back into work.


The first job I took was a writing position. Well, sort of. It was writing assessments that followed the common core. It was pretty hard at first, but I got the hang of things, and I’ve been promoted to editor. I really love that job, and I always look forward to time that I can devote to those projects.


Next, I work for one school that goes year-round. The sessions last six weeks, and I get a new set of students each session. it’s actually a lot of fun doing the live hour of chat each week with everyone.


The other school that hired me goes in a standard school year. It started in September, and I believe we end in April. It’s an awesome program, and it really challenges me as a write to help these students improve. They’re some of the best writers I’ve ever met for that age group.


So… that’s what happened to me. I’m going crazy with work, but I find that I miss writing… So I’m back! I hope ya’ll missed me 🙂

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