Month: December 2014

Getting Into Gear

Okay… this post will mark 500 points earned for the day so far, which is the halfway point towards my goal. I also got an article put up on another site, meaning more potential income. I hope it gets edited quickly. This point also means that it’s time to get up and start cleaning. I have a lot to do… Read more →

My Weird Food

I mentioned in an earlier article that I recently became pregnant. And, with that, I have been having some serious morning sickness that lasts all day long. I feel pretty miserable. So food has become a chore for me. I dread when it’s time to eat, which is often. I have to eat every two hours or so, or the… Read more →

Feeling Out of Practice

When it comes to writing, I’m pretty quick. I am a really fast typer, and I usually average around 80 wpm. I’m not sure how the talent developed. It just happened. I tried to take a typing class in high school, but I had to ditch it to make room for the color guard class. In college, I got really… Read more →

My Candy Crush Addiction

Okay. So I started that game when it first came out, and everyone was so addicted to it. I was not immune. I would play all the time, and I hated that time I had to wait to get new lives so that I could attempt another level. There was serious joy when I passed a ridiculously hard level. Then,… Read more →

Review: Constant Content

I write for quite a few sites, and some tend to be better than others. I started writing for Constant Content pretty recently. I think I submitted my first article sometime in August or September. I had some leftover articles that had been rejected on Blog Mutt, so I decided to recycle them. I submitted the articles with a few… Read more →

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

About two weeks before Thanksgiving, it snowed for about a week in my town. It was so lovely, and it really got me excited for the holidays. I even tried to convince my husband to decorate for Christmas that early, which I’ve never done. I am usually determined to make sure to celebrate Thanksgiving before the tree comes out. However,… Read more →

A Low-Key Thanksgiving

This year was perhaps the quietest Thanksgiving I’ve ever had. Normally, I am with family, which means lots of loud talking and laughing. The kitchen is full, and everyone is having a good time. I love those memories. Or, more recently, I have been spending Christmas at whatever post my husband is stationed at. We always invite a ton of… Read more →

Daily Gratitude List 12-1-14

With the holiday season in full swing, I think it’s so important to remind ourselves of all the wonderful things we have. Especially with Black Friday and all that shopping, we can get caught up with the things we don’t have. But, those are just material things. I am definitely feeling grateful for many of the things I already have.… Read more →

Today’s Goals 12-1-14

Today, I woke up pretty early. Normally, I’ll sleep well past 8am, but, for some reason, I woke up around 7, and I was wide awake. I laid in bed and looked at my phone until my little one woke up. We came downstairs, had some breakfast, and I procrastinated getting started with my day. On the bright side, I… Read more →

It’s Been A While…

Wow… it seems like it’s been over a month since I’ve last written a post. And, what’s funny is that I wrote about having a new fire and a need to earn more money on a regular basis. I really dropped the ball. I can’t completely be mad at myself, though. I had some serious problems come up. Maybe problems… Read more →

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