Times are Changing

For my two-year-old, that is.

Well… she isn’t two yet. She’ll be two at the end of January, so we still have some time.

But, for some reason, two seems to be the age that a lot of things have to change.

For one, we have to stop the bottles. She loves her bottle, and she rarely drinks from a sippy cup. I haven’t had the heart to reinforce giving them up. So, when she turns two, we’re going to throw them away and be done with them for good. I’m almost a little sad. Bottle time was bonding time for us. I loved feeding her when she was younger, and now she’s growing up. I’m bummed.

We are also going to start potty training. I’m a little nervous because my little one is pretty hard headed. If she doesn’t want to do something, she won’t. So, I’ve been trying to introduce the potty a little at a time, and, if she says she doesn’t want to sit on it, then she won’t. I don’t force her. Hopefully we can get her potty trained before the new one comes, though. Two times the diapers will probably get pretty pricey.

Last, we are moving her into her own bed. She has co-slept with my husband and me basically since she was born. I felt like it was an important bonding experience, and it made breast feeding a thousand times easier. But, with my belly about to expand to many times it’s original size, there may not be much room in our bed for her. We’re trying to make the process gradual. Right now, we have her crib butted up against our bed, and she seems to like it. But she still crawls up next to me in the middle of the night.

I just have to be patient with her and understand that she’s going through a lot. Hopefully we can get through these transitions without too much trauma. Fingers crossed!

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