Review: Constant Content

I write for quite a few sites, and some tend to be better than others.

I started writing for Constant Content pretty recently. I think I submitted my first article sometime in August or September. I had some leftover articles that had been rejected on Blog Mutt, so I decided to recycle them. I submitted the articles with a few adjustments to make them a little more generic. That way, it would appeal to a new client. And they were accepted easily by the editors. I was sure they wouldn’t sell because they were about such specific topics. One was about an immunization tracking system that you could use in a school administration. I mean, who wants that article?

Anyway, I left the articles there, and I kind of forgot about them. I wasn’t getting any hits on the articles, so I felt like my writing wasn’t really up to par over there. I mean, some people were charging up to 150 dollars for a single article! Crazy!

Then, about a month later, I got an email saying that my article had been sold, and I’d earned $18 for it! That’s more than double what I would have been paid had it sold on Blog Mutt! I was thrilled!

So, I wrote another article… and I let it sit.

I tend to be kind of lazy with that site. I post an article, let it sit until it sells, then I write another one. But, it works! I have sold every article I’ve ever submitted to that site, and I earn about an average of $18-20 each. Granted, I’ve only sold about six or seven articles. But, still. It’s income.

The only down side is that the editors take forever to review your article. And they are really picky. It can take as long as two weeks just to get it approved. Then, there is no guarantee that the article will sell. Some articles sit on that site for years and never move.

But, for now, I like them. I’m going to make it my goal to write at least three articles each week for them. I think I could get some serious income from them. Fingers crossed!

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