My Candy Crush Addiction

Okay. So I started that game when it first came out, and everyone was so addicted to it. I was not immune. I would play all the time, and I hated that time I had to wait to get new lives so that I could attempt another level. There was serious joy when I passed a ridiculously hard level.

Then, I kind of became bored. I got stuck on one level for about two weeks, and I just gave up. It was making me feel insane to try this same level over and over again without any progress. It was annoying.

However, the recently came out with a new game: Candy Crush Soda. It has some new features and a lot of the old stuff. It’s just as vibrant, and, like the original, it’s addictive. My husband started playing it, so, of course, I had to get it on my phone too.

I managed to get about 60 levels into it in about a week, which is super fast. I like the new types of levels, and it’s weird to have the pieces rise up instead of fall down on some levels. But it gave me a new challenge. I even started playing the original Candy Crush again because I would get bored waiting for more lives.

But, it’s getting old really fast. I am not quite as addicted as before. I find myself getting annoyed when I can’t pass levels within a few tries, and I am no longer itching to get my phone so that I can play.

I don’t think this addiction will last nearly as long as the first. I feel myself unwilling to play it, even now, when I am looking for a way to procrastinate.

In all, I think it’s worth a try, especially if you loved the first one. Just know that it won’t be the same, and you’ll probably get tired of it more quickly. Have fun!

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