Dexter Kind of Sunday

Today, when I woke up, the clock said that it was about 8 am. But, realizing that daylight savings time had just happened, I knew that it was really 9 am. That’s pretty late sleeping, even for me. I miss when getting up around 7 am each morning was easy for me. I felt like I was able to get so much done when I was getting up that early.

These days, I’ve been so much more tired than usual, and I wish that I had more energy so that I could get things done. But today was no different from the other days last week, and I was lazy. We laid in bed for quite a while, and eventually, my husband went and picked up some Taco Bell for breakfast. I’m so glad they have that dollar menu now. I love a lot of the stuff they have on it.

We spend the morning binge watching Dexter on Netflix.


We just finished season 6, and his sister, Deb, had just walked in on him killing someone. Travis Marshall, to be more exact. Anyway, they’re kind of trying to resolve their feelings towards each other, and it’s all kind of frustrating to me. I wish she hadn’t found out about him. I am not really a big fan of this season. Anyway, we watched the show for awhile, and I finally got up because we needed groceries. My husband actually offered to watch my daughter so I could go to the store alone. That made things a lot easier, and I was able to get the shopping done more quickly.

I made it home, unloaded everything, and I’ve been hanging out on the computer ever since. I’ve been a little absent from my writing job lately, and I need to break that habit. Just because it’s the weekend, it doesn’t mean that I can just take a break. Even if I just write a couple of posts, that’s more than if I wrote none.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!

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