Movie Review: Timer

I was browsing through Neflix the other day, and I came across this move called Timer. It’s about the future where people get timers inserted into their wrists. The timer counts down the the moment when they meet their soul mate. Some people only have to wait a few months or even days, while some have to wait many years. One of the main characters had a time counting down over 15 years. If your timer isn’t counting down, that means your soul mate hasn’t gotten a timer yet. However, once they get it, your timer will start counting down.

I watched it because I remember a post on Tumblr about it, and I found the idea intriguing. I always wondered if my husband’s and my timer would match up. And, if they didn’t, would it matter?

I thought the movie was a really good one. It explored a bunch of different possible outcomes of these timers. You have the desperate one who keeps taking men into the clinic to have timers put on because her timer is still blank. One character had over 15 years to wait, and she was just wasting time with random men. Another character found his soul mate when he was 14, and he only had to wait five days. Plus, there were couples that ignored the timers because they felt like they loved someone too much.

It was all really interesting, and I really enjoyed the movie. It was a total chick flick, though. I mean, it was a story about gooey love, and the craziness that goes along with searching for the perfect husband.

I think it’s a good movie for anyone wanting to kill an afternoon. It has a good storyline, and it’s not boring whatsoever. The plot never really stopped, and the characters were pretty funny. Overall, it was a pretty good movie. If you have a Netflix account, you should check it out.

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