Happy Halloween!

This is the first time in several years that Halloween has landed on a Friday. I would be more excited if I had a job or was going to a party. However, my evening will be spent taking my daughter trick-or-treating and handing out candy to the kids who ring our doorbell. My husband also turned the garage into a haunted house. I’m sure the neighbors will love that. He gets so excited about this holiday, and I’m glad he is able to go all out in celebrating.

Today just sucks for me. And I know I should be happier, but I’m not.

First, my mom decided to just change everyone’s plan for December. My brother was supposed to come out for Christmas, and I was saving up for his plane ticket. However, when my sister found out, she was sad that he wouldn’t be home. So my mom decided to change everyone’s plan. He is no longer coming for Christmas, and my mom wanted me to use a bunch of credit to buy plane tickets to come out for Christmas. Even after I told her that I don’t want to put myself into any more debt, she insisted. So now my holiday is looking pretty lonely. I’m so irritated. I hate when she decides to change things to make it more convenient on everyone else but me… or more, she likes to make it convenient for her. She doesn’t care that I’ve been home so many times this year, and I don’t have enough money to make the trip again. Not to mention, it’s hard for us to travel with a toddler. She only thinks about herself.

Then, I made the mistake of paying our bills today. And… we’re broke. I hate living like this. But, since we no longer have to buy a plane ticket, we should be able to catch up soon. I’m hoping to be in a better standing on the first of next month. I can totally do this.

… sigh…

I’m just sick of things being hard.

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