Book Review: The Good Sister by Drusilla Campbell

I read this book right after I had my own child, and it really struck me how lucky I was to get through everything without any serious complications.

The story follows two sisters, and it jumps back and forth in time. The older sister, Roxanne, has always had to serve as sort of a caretaker for her younger sister, Simone. They didn’t have the best parents, and life was particularly difficult for Simone. She was fragile in a way that most aren’t.

The both grew up, though, and got married. But Roxanne is still taking care of Simone. Simone went on to have four children, and her postpartum depression worsened with the birth of each new daughter. She spends days in bed, and her children are wildly neglected. Finally, they hire a nanny. But Simone’s condition makes it difficult for her to cope with anything, and her actions have some pretty severe consequences.

Roxanne just tries to deal with it as best she can. However, being so involved in her sister’s life means she has to sacrifice time with her husband. As a result her marriage suffers a great deal.

I love that you get to see the story from all angles and points of view. The author made sure to cover all parts of the story, and we even get to see things through the eyes of Simone’s eldest daughter. It was so shocking to read about such an insightful little child, and it’s amazing how much hurt she goes through in her little life.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has been a mother, and especially those women who have suffered from severe postpartum depression. Simone’s experience is so awful and so tragic. It will make you grateful for your own personal strength to survive a really rough time. The book also made me so grateful for my healthy child. I can’t imagine going through a situation like the one in this book. And it makes me sad to think that there are many who have…

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