The House of Night Series

The fact that I read this series is a little embarrassing. I mean, I’m 25 years old, and I’m reading a series meant for high school aged girls.

I can’t help it. I love the series. I started reading it when I was 18, and I have looked forward to the release of new books. Next month, they are releasing the final novel in the series, and I’m really excited for it. I hope that the series ends well and that all the story lines get wrapped up. I hate being left with a bunch of questions.

The story follows a girl named Zoey Redbird. She gets “marked” and begins her life attending the vampire school. The young vampire “fledglings” have to be near adult vampires, or they will reject “the change” and die. However, if they manage to make it through “the change,” they become adult vampires and live forever. Zoey is special, though. She was marked by their Goddess, and she has an affinity for all five of the basic elements: wind, water, fire, air, and spirit. She has several close friends that have also been gifted, and they all work to battle against the evil that tries to take over. It’s a really interesting story, and the magic in it makes the story that much better. I love it.

I find myself really relating to Zoey. She has a lot of responsibility that gets forced on her, and she just has to figure it out. She never really fits in with her peers, and she faces a lot of struggles. Plus, she has boy problems galore.

Stark is, by far, my favorite guy in the series. He has the bad boy thing going on, but he cares for Zoey so much. He fights his demons so that he can stay by her side. I also love Heath because he has such a big heart. He reminds me of my husband, a lot, which endears him to me.

I can’t wait for the last book to come out. I’ll be sad that the series is over, but I’m excited to see how things end. Just one more month!

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