My Anti-Bucket List

So, it sounds weird, but I like the idea, and I wanted to create a post about it.

An anti-bucket list is a list of things you never want to do in your life. I gave my list some real thought, and here it is: the list of things I never want to do in my lifetime:

I never want to…

  • … break a bone. That seems so painful, and I’d be just fine if I never had that experience.
  • … work in an office job. I feel like that kind of environment would be hard on my spirit. I’d much rather have a job that allows me more creative freedom.
  • … get cancer. That just seems like an awful way to die, and I wouldn’t want to put my family through something like that.
  • … get Alzheimer’s. Again, that seems like an awful way to end a life, and it would make me sad to hurt my family in so many ways.
  • … lose a child. I don’t think there’s a pain in this world that could match what you feel when you lose a child. I hope I never have to experience that.
  • … get a divorce. I remember what it was like for me when my parents split. There’s a lot of hurt that happens, and it’s not just for the couple involved. It hurts a lot of people in the family, and it can even spread to friends and such. I never want to put my children through all of that awfulness.
  • … lose a limb. It just seems so gruesome. Then, you have to deal with all the staring and nosy people that want to know what happened. Plus, there’s all those problems like phantom pain that come along with it. I’d be happy to never experience that.

    There are many other things that I wouldn’t want to do during my lifetime, but I think that list would get very long, very quickly. And, while it was interesting to think about, I’m done thinking about the negative. Time to focus on my positivity!

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