Memory From the Fair

In my hometown, the fair is a big deal. Everyone loves to go, and it’s noticed if you’re not there.

My husband’s family actually runs a sales booth at fairs all over the area, and they like to sell at our local fair. Their booth has model cars and car-themed toys that they sell, and they make a pretty decent amount doing it.

One year, when they were setting up, I went to help watch Joshie. He was five at the time, and he was so much fun to hang out with. I didn’t mind watching him at all.

I came onto the fairgrounds, and I remember thinking how weird it was that everything was deserted. I moved quickly to the booth, where I found Joshie watching a movie on a portable DVD player.

Their booth was right across from the police show booth, and they had their bomb deactivating robot out. They were driving it around and stuff, and it caught Joshie’s eye. He got a really serious look on his face, and he pulled me in close.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“Look over there,” he said. “Do you see that robot? He’s a transformer… a bad transformer. Keep an eye on him.”

He was just so serious about the whole thing, but I couldn’t help myself. I laughed for a good minute.

It made me happy, though, that he was sincerely concerned about my safety. He was one of the most lively kids I’ve ever met, and he was always well-behaved. He had a good imagination, too.

I miss that kid every day. He was such a bright light in my life, and it broke a big piece of my heart when we lost him. He had so much potential, and we were so sure that he was going to do great things. I hope that, in his next life, he gets more time to live and be. He deserves it.

Miss you, Joshie…

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