Love to Read

I have always loved to read. My mom really fostered a love for books in my household, and my siblings both love to read, as well. She read us a bedtime story every single night, and she always made an effort to stock our rooms with new reading material.

And it really stuck!

I read all the time now, and my happy place is in a used book store. Once, I was asked why I love books so much. I took the time to really think about it because I knew that person didn’t like to read, so I had to explain it in a way that they would understand.

Here’s the reason I gave.

Reading moves me, both literally and figuratively. After reading a book, I feel like I’ve experienced a new place, or even a new world. I meet people, fall in love, make a best friend, or even lose a loved one. I get attached to the characters, and I feel a loss in my life when the story is over. I feel sad that I can only experience stories for the first time once. The stories also make me feel things. I get emotional. I laugh, cry, and even get angry. And it all comes from the story.

I also love to read because it allows me an escape. I love the fact that, when my life is getting me down, I can dive into a book, and I don’t have to think about all the bad stuff that’s going on. Books help me relax and take a break, which isn’t a feeling I can get from just anywhere.

I hope to pass on this love to my daughter, as well. So far, she really loves books. We read together every single day, and I love making up silly voices or singing along to a book. Kids books are really fun, and I want her to enjoy them. I filled her room and play areas with books, too, so they’re always accessible.

Books are just awesome. We should stress a little less and read a little more.

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