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I love getting on Pinterest, and one of my favorite categories is the “Quotes” section. I like to repin quotes that mean something to me, and I scroll back through them when I am feeling sad or uninspired.

Here are just a few of my favorite quotes that I’ve discovered:

  • “Live every day like he’s deploying tomorrow.”
    I love this quote because it reminds me to savor time with my husband. We never know when orders will fall in our lap, and he could leave at any time. I like to remind myself that fighting over small things is a waste of time, and I need to appreciated the time I have with my husband.
  • “Hey little fighter. Soon things will be brighter.”
    I’d like to think of myself as a fighter. I don’t take things lying down, and I stand up for things I feel strongly about. And sometimes life can get to me. This quote helps me remember that nothing is permanent, and I just have to hang in there until things get a little brighter.
  • “Life is a shipwreck, but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats.” – Voltaire
    This is so true for me. I have dealt with many hardships, and I feel like life is just a huge mess sometimes. But, in spite of it all, I try to remember to celebrate the small things.
  • “To live is the rarest thing in al the world. Most people exist, that is all.” – Oscar Wilde
    I think it is so important to live your life to the fullest. What’s the point of wasting your time being depressed or fighting about things that don’t matter. If you really live your life, you’ll be happier for it. I mean, in theory, we only get one chance at this life. We need to appreciated that gift and use this time to its full potential.
  • “If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.”
    This is a great quote that describes my feelings about teaching. I may not be making a huge impact on the world, but I am making big impacts for little people. Their lives will be impacted, and they will go on to impact the lives of others. It’s like a ripple effect on society, all started by me.

I love having these inspirational quotes to look back on occasionally. It helps keep me focused on the bigger picture in life, which is really important to me. Now I challenge you to create your own list of quotes that speak to you. It help keep you on track to your big goals. You can do it!

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