Cartoon Characters that Break the Rules

My daughter enjoys watching TV, and I don’t mind. I don’t like to let her watch a ridiculously large amount of television, but I do let her watch her shows every once in awhile. She usually watches in the morning when she is first waking up. But, once she starts to get up and around, I will switch it over to something of mine, or I’ll put music on. I am scared that too much TV will shorten her attention span and make it difficult for her to concentrate when she starts school.

There are some characters that she watches that I really like. And some that I don’t.

I like the cartoons that will go against the common cliches of what a girl or boy is supposed to be, as dictated by cultural conventions.

For instance, I can’t stand Sophia the First. She is too girly, and I feel like she gives unrealistic expectations to small girls. I mean, no little girl needs to wear a fancy dress and have perfect hair every single day. And no girl should be expected to “go on adventures” wearing a dress with such a massive circumference. I wish Sophia would do some activities that might be considered “for boys.”

I do like Doc McStuffins. This little girl is aiming to be a doctor, meaning she enjoys science. And, she is good at fixing things. These are both activities commonly associated with males, and females are few and far between in those professions. I love that Doc is setting this great example for my daughter.

It’s so scary to know that simple things like the cartoons my child watches will affect the way she turns out. She learns from them, and I want her to learn good things. I’ve stopped letting her watch Sophia for that reason. I hope that she will have the strength of character to go after the things she wants, even if it goes against the grain. She’s an amazing little person, and I want everything for her…

… sigh… parenting can be so hard sometimes.

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