Big Brother Finale

I’ve been following the reality show, Big Brother, for many years now. It’s a kind of social experiment where 14 strangers are all placed into one big house. Each week, they participate in a few competitions. One wins the title of “Head of Household” and they are responsible for nominating two players to be eliminated that week. Then, house guests will compete for the “Power of Veto.” This power allows someone to veto one of the HOH’s nominations. However, the HOH still gets to decide who the replacement nominee will be. Then, each week one house guest is evicted. At the end, the last nine players to be eliminated will vote on who will win $500,000.

It’s a really interesting show, and I love watching the players scheme. They create alliances, have really complicated plans to get other players out of the house, and some even find romance along the way.

This season, I found myself angry after just about every episode. The people that I was rooting for were constantly getting evicted, and I really didn’t like a lot of the players who always seemed to hold the power in the house. But, my favorite player, Derek, managed to stick it out until the end.

He was my favorite because he was playing for his family. He had a wife and small daughter back home, and he was hoping to win so that he could give them a better life. In my opinion, there is no better reason to play a game like that.

He was a really great player, too. He never showed all of his cards, and he had a lot of tact when it came to interacting with the house guests that he didn’t like or that he was planning to get evicted. He made it the whole season without being nominated once, and I think that’s the first time that’s ever happened. His game was really impressive. I am so glad that the evicted house guests saw his genius, and he was awarded the $500,000.

So, while I was upset most of the season, I was really pleased with the finale. Now I’m just looking forward to next season!

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