Bad Habits

Everyone has bad habits. When you live alone, you don’t really notice them. However, when you’re married or living with someone, all of your bad habits get pointed out to you. My husband has no problem letting me know when something I do annoys him.

Here are just a few of the things I do that drive him crazy:

  • I squeeze toothpaste from the middle of the tube. I don’t care. It’s easier for me because I have small hands. And, when the tube gets low, I’ll start squeezing from the bottom. Such a dumb thing, but it drives my husband crazy.
  • I lose things. A lot. I’ll set my glasses down somewhere, then forget where I put them. I lose my car keys and cell phone like crazy. I lose clothes. You name it, I’ve lost it. At one point, I even left my cell phone in the dishwasher. I can’t help it!
  • I let my daughter eat in the living room. It drives my husband crazy because he hates crumbs. But I don’t mind them. That’s why I vacuum every day. So it’s not like there’s crumbs always everywhere. Just when my child is finished eating.
  • I blare my music. When I’m cleaning or doing something that doesn’t require a great deal of brain power, I turn on the radio almost as loud as it will go, and I sing or dance while I finish my task. I’m the worst when I’m driving. I love the feeling, and it’s so much fun. But my husband doesn’t always enjoy my loud music.
  • I have to be on time to everything. This doesn’t annoy most people. But, when I am harping you in the morning to hurry up and get ready, you might not like it. My husband is always slightly late to things, and I don’t like that. I rush him all morning until he finally gives in and gets himself in the car. We aren’t late to anything.

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