Letters to My Soldier

Every girl who’s dated or married a soldier has probably, at some point, written a letter to him.

Basic training (aka boot camp) is probably the first time. I wrote to my soldier almost every day while he was in training. They were not allowed to have any phones, and the amount of time they had access to pay phones was pretty limited. When he did get the chance, he’d call. But that was usually only once a week, and sometimes he didn’t get that time.

I liked to write to him while I was in between classes. At the time, I was about to graduate with my associate’s degree, and I was trying to get through the last few classes I needed to take. I’d spend my time between classes imagining my life married to a soldier, and I’d write to him.

I never thought I’d be with a soldier. I told myself that the kind of lifestyle they have would be too difficult. They move a lot, and they are always really far from home and family. Plus, the deployments are awful. I know that one from experience.

But I had fallen for him before he became a soldier. I don’t get to choose who my heart falls for, and, if this was what he really wanted, then I had to support him. He always supported my dreams, and he never complained when I’d bail on dates for homework and school stuff.

It was always excited to get a letter from him, too. I’d learned exactly when the mailman would show up, and I’d meet him at the mailbox sometimes. I always hated Sundays because I knew I wouldn’t get a letter that day.

But it was a great way to keep in contact, and it made me feel special. He took time out of his day to write down what he was thinking about and how much he missed me. Those letters brought us closer.

However, I have to say, I’m glad we can just see each other now. Those letters were fun, but I don’t miss those days of being without him not one bit.

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