Total Gleek

No… I didn’t spell that wrong. A “gleek” is a “Glee geek.” I love that show, and I’ve been re-watching a lot of the episodes on Netflix. I’ve already seen what happens, so I can keep it on in the background while I work, but I always stop and listen to my favorite songs that they perform.

Right now, I’m at the end of season 1, and I keep running across all of my favorite songs. At one point, I had downloaded a ton of them off of iTunes, so I’d have them playing while I was driving, doing homework, or finishing chores. There are just some that really struck me as amazing. I mean, I like several of them better than the originals.

For instance, the cover of “Don’t Stop Believing,” is pretty awesome. It’s like their most famous number. Who doesn’t love Journey? And the way they do it is pretty awesome. They way they integrate their voices to create the music, as well as the lyrics is pretty cool. I love that song.

I also love when Kurt performs his version of “Rose’s Turn.” He is such a passionate singer, and I really love his character. Anything Kurt (Chris Colfer) does is absolutely perfect in my opinion.

I also gravitate towards several of Puck’s songs. I love when he sings “Sweet Caroline.” He does that song better than the original. Then, when he sings “Beth” to Quinn when he is trying to convince her to name their baby Beth, it almost breaks my heart. I also really relate to those lyrics because I feel myself waiting for my husband all the time. His job has long hours, and that song really captures my feelings.

Glee has been such a big influence on me. I loved watching the stories unfold, and I really cared about a lot of those characters. I mean, only Glee could make you fall in love with a random character like Kurt’s Dad, Bert. He always stuck up for his son, even if he didn’t understand his life choices.

I’m sad that Glee is over, and I understand why it had to end. I’m just glad I get to relive the series again and again through the music. It’s amazing!

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