Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Finale

If you follow the show, and you haven’t watched the finale episode yet, be warned. This post has quite a few spoilers.

I really love this show, and I feel like I’ve gotten to know the girls. Sure, the producers portray them in a certain light, and they edit conversations and such, but I feel like you can kind of see through all that to really understand where these girls are coming from and what they feel is important in their life.

When it comes to Leah, I worry for her. I think she has a really good chance of losing custody of her twins, especially if the dad gets a weekend only job so that he can stay with the kids on the weekend. He knows he’ll lose money, but he seems to really want full custody, with her just getting the kids on the weekend. She has had a really hard time this season, and she even had to go on some anti-anxiety meds to be able to handle her life. It’s understandable. I mean, she has three kids, and one has a severe physical disability. Then her husband works basically out of town, so she is raising those kids all on her own. She’s a mess.

I’m glad that Jenelle is finally stepping up as a parent. Ever since she had her second kid, she has been looking to get custody of her first son, Jace. I think she’s ready. She is clean, and she’s stable. The grandma just needs to give him up. I feel like she’s being selfish.

I feel for Kailyn, as well. She made a comment about the way her ex dresses her son, and he took it as her being racist. First, she has two sons that are half Hispanic, and her husband is full Hispanic. I don’t think she cares. But I do think she cares about the image her son has. If he sees himself as a tough little thug, he’s going to get into more trouble. I would have brought up the same subject if my kid’s dad tried to dress my child in a way that I didn’t approve of.

Lastly, Chelsea should get some sort of award. She is such a good mom, and she always puts her kid first. And to have to deal with her ex is a mess. He is in and out of jail, and he’s always getting in wrecks and stuff. I would be terrified to let my child go with him. I can’t imagine how much she must worry when she has to send her daughter over to him.

I’m sad that the season is over. I only have the catch-up specials to look forward to. Then I’ll have to wait for the next season… sigh…

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