My Daughter’s Favorite TV Shows

It never ceases to amaze me that, even at a year and a half, my daughter has favorites. There are certain foods she prefers, and she likes certain music. She has favorite activities, and she likes special toys. And there are some shows that she really likes!

  • She really loves Sesame Street. I’m glad because it’s so educational, though some of the characters are kind of annoying. Her favorites are Elmo and Baby Bear. When they come on the screen, she is always watching so intently. We even bought her a few Sesame Street DVDs for long trips in the car.
  • We watch Sophia the First. I kind of don’t like her to watch this show because it’s such a girly stereotype. The little girl spends her day worrying about being a good princess, and most of her “adventures” aren’t really impressive. Plus, she is always so concerned with the way people see her. I don’t want my daughter to worry about others’ opinions of her when she gets older.
  • Doc McStuffins is much better. She’s a little girl that’s aiming to be a doctor when she grows up, and she spends her afternoons caring for her “patients,” which are really toys. I think Doc is a good role model, and the episodes aren’t nearly as annoying as some other kid shows.
  • I feel like Peppa Pig is on the TV constantly. She loves this show. It’s by far her favorite. She is always running into the room saying, “Piggies? Piggies?” That little pig is so annoying, too. She is always questioning her parents, who are wildly incompetent, and her little brother cries over everything. I can’t stand that show, but my kid loves it.

It’s funny what we tolerate for our children. If I had it my way, we wouldn’t watch any of these shows. But I like to keep the TV on her shows so she has some background noise for her playing. It may annoy me, but it makes her happy, and that’s what really matters.

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