Dexter is Blowing My Mind

My husband and I have recently started watching the Dexter series on Netflix. It’s about a serial killer that works for the police in Florida, and he struggles with his need to kill.

Just an FYI, there are some major spoilers in this, so if you haven’t seen the series, you’ve been warned.

I love how Dexter has his rules. He needs to kill people, but he makes sure that they “deserve” it, meaning he only kills other killers and like pedophiles and stuff. He keep a drop of their blood on a little glass slide, and he keeps all of his “trophies” in a slide box in his air conditioner. He’s a little nuts, and I love that we get to hear his inner monologue. He is super funny, and it’s amusing how he doesn’t understand people’s reactions.

But, last night, we hit the last episode of the season. We find out that his sister’s boyfriend is the killer that they’ve been looking for all season, and he actually kidnaps the sister, Deb.

I was in shock. I couldn’t believe that they were going to kill of Deb’s character. She seems like such an integral part of Dexter’s life, and I thought they would keep her!

Then, as Dexter is searching for her, he finally finds her at his childhood home (the one before he was adopted). Then the real shocker comes: the ice truck killer is actually Dexter’s brother!!

What are the odds?! I mean, I know the ice truck killer searched for Dexter, and he spent the whole season toying with him. We learned that Dexter’s mother was actually murdered by being cut into pieces with a chain saw. The boys witnessed everything, and they sat in their mother’s blood for two days before the cops found them.

I am just in shock. I never saw that coming, and it blew my mind!

I am so excited to keep watching. The writers of this show are really amazing… bravo, writers! Bravo…

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