An Interview to Remember

My first year at Austin Peay State University was interesting. I’d started in the spring semester, and I was feeling pretty confident about my school work. But, I had to quit my job because of some personal reasons. So, when the fall semester rolled around, I had some extra free time. I decided to audition for the color guard.

I actually had the flu when I auditioned, so it was a little rough. I was really scared that I wasn’t going to make it. But I did, and I eventually got the info on “band camp,” which is an intense week right before the season starts where we learn all the routines. That way, we only have to worry about cleaning up our act during the season.

I loved every minute of that season. It was hard work, but I was having a good time. And I got to perform for an audience again, which was thrilling.

At the end of the season, the band director opened up auditions to become guard captain for the next season. I loved that guard so much, and I wanted it to get better. I thought I would make a great captain. I signed up, and went to the interview.

I was actually really nervous, even though I was on good terms with the band director. He was always so nice to me. In the interview, though, he asked if I would be willing to be a co-captain. I said no for one reason: I had been a co-captain my senior year in high school, and I knew just how wrong it could go. I knew the answer would cost me, and it did. I didn’t get captain, and the girl I hated got it. I was bummed.

Until about two weeks later. I found out I was pregnant, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to participate the next season. It’s funny how things work out like that. It’s like I wasn’t meant to get captain because greater things were coming my way. I’m glad now how things worked out. And I wouldn’t change my answer for anything.





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