An Education for Everyone

I have my degree in education, and it’s my ultimate goal to become a teacher. I want to be a really good teacher that inspires her students, and I want to make a difference.

One of the hot topics in education is whether or not every single child deserves an education. This goes to both ends of the spectrum. Some believe that students with disabilities (mental and physical) should not be given a real education. They argue that they should be educated on real life topics, like how to work in a minimum wage job and how to care for themselves. That’s all, though. And, on the other end, they believe that exceptional students should just stay in their regular classes because they are able to pass the subjects easily.

I don’t agree with either of those. It is actually a law that every child gets an appropriate education. That means that students with disabilities should be taught to the highest level that they are capable of. They hold IEP (individualized education plan) meetings with parents, administrators, teachers, and specialists to determine what each child is capable of, and they set stepping stone goals so that the child can reach their potential. Some of their goals will differ from a regular curriculum because many special needs kids need to learn how to behave in certain settings, or they need help learning to care for themselves. However, they are not cast off simply because they are not meeting average test scores.

I also believe that exceptional students should be catered to, as well. Some gifted students still struggle to maintain grades because they only excel in one area, or sometimes they lack the discipline to focus on things because they are bored with the material. In fact, many gifted students fail because they are not given the attention they need.

It’s important to educate children based on their abilities, and each child deserves that. They all have potential, and it’s our job, as educators, to help them reach that potential.

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