Such a Home Body

I think people are one of two things:

Either you like to be out of the house, staying busy, and doing things, or you prefer to stay at home to do certain hobbies and activities.

Me? I’m a home body. I like to stay home, and it doesn’t bother me to be stuck in the house for a few days. I have friends that feel like they’re going crazy if they’re home for too long. They were excited to be moms, but they didn’t want to do the stay-at-home part of it. They both actually work now, and their kids are in daycare. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that. They just have different preferences.

But, I do stay home a lot. I like being home to take care of things, and I love my writing job. Any job that lets you work in your pajamas is pretty awesome, in my opinion.

I definitely take pride in my home, too. I like to make it a sanctuary. We have comfy couches, and I only buy furniture that you are allowed to put your feet on. Having a sterile home is no way to live, and I like my home to be inviting. I stock the kitchen with yummy food, and I use candles to keep everything smelling great. I’d like to think that my homemaking skills are pretty exceptional. I enjoy my home, and I am never sad to be staying here.

My husband, on the other hand, has always been an on-the-go kind of person. He gets antsy if he stays in the house for too long. Or anywhere for that matter. He likes to have a change of scenery pretty regularly, or he gets bored. It’s funny that we ended up together. But we’re good for each other because we are so opposite. I keep him grounded in our home, and he pushes me out of my comfort zone.

It’s things like this that keep us in love… he’s awesome.



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