My New Show Obsession

I have fallen in love with the show, Dexter.

I’m only about nine episodes in, but I’m completely enthralled.

We started watching it a couple of days ago because we noticed it on a list on our Netflix account. My husband has seen the first couple of episodes, and he had always talked about how much he loved it. He got all excited when I said I wanted to see it, too, and we have been watching it every night since then.

I really like it because it’s different from regular crime shows in two very significant ways.

(Heads up! If you haven’t seen Dexter, the rest of this post has spoilers!)

First, Dexter is a criminal himself. In fact, he’s a serial killer. However, he has learned to cover his tracks, and he has trained himself to fake normal emotions so that he blends better into society. He even manages to keep a girlfriend. His sister is close to him, as well, and he has several people at work that would consider him a friend. He made a promise to his dad, too, that he would only kill people who deserved it. For instance, he has killed a pedophile, a human trafficker, and an arsonist.

The show is also different in that the crime isn’t solved in one episode. In most shows, there is a murder, an investigation, and a capture of the villain all in one episode. However, I’m already nine episode in, and they are still after someone that’s been deemed “The Ice Truck Killer.” It really keeps you hooked, and I am really excited to find out who exactly is the killer. It’s killing me to find out! (haha, did you catch that pun?)

We’re actually watching it as I’m writing right now, and I’m enjoying it a lot. Thank goodness for Netflix. Otherwise, I might never have discovered this show!

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