Looking Forward to Help

As most of my followers know, I am planning a trip home to California in a little bit. My sister is getting married, and I want to be there for the bridal shower and everything. It’s hard to miss out on stuff because we’re so far away, but I couldn’t miss this event.

But there is one thing, in particular, that I’m really looking forward to. I am so excited for my mom to help me out with my little one.

I feel like I raise my little one on my own sometimes. My husband works crazy hours, so he isn’t home much, and I don’t have family or anything close by to babysit. I literally spend every minute of every day with this child. And while I love her with all my heart, sometimes I just want ten minutes to myself. When I go home, my mom changes that.

I stay with her when I go home. She lets me take over one of the rooms in the house, which is nice. Babies come with a lot of stuff, and living out of suit cases just doesn’t work that well.

And she helps me so much! Without even asking her to, she will do loads of laundry, wash dishes and bottles, and pick up stuff from the grocery story. It makes my life a million times easier. Plus, she loves hanging out with her granddaughter, and she’ll entertain her all afternoon while I get work done. The last time I was home, I was able to work so steadily throughout the week. It was amazing.

I love going home, and I’m so excited. I will get to spend time with my mom, siblings, and other close family, I’ll get so much help with my daughter, and I’ll get to work. Plus, it’s nice to not be responsible for cleaning an entire household for a few days.

Just a little bit longer, and I’ll be there. I’ll miss my husband, for sure, but it will be a nice change for me.

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