Ugly on the Inside

There are some people out there who are absolutely gorgeous. They have the best hair, the nicest smile, and they radiate beauty. But, some of the people negate all of those good looks because of the person who they are on the inside.

Personality traits and tendencies have a huge impact on how you’re perceived. You can be the most beautiful person ever, but, if you’re a bad person, you aren’t seen as attractive anymore. People don’t like to have negativity in their life. They will avoid those pretty people because of the way they act. Some of the characteristics that can make a person appear ugly are:

  • Selfishness – If you aren’t willing to think about others every once in awhile, you won’t have friends for very long. Only being concerned with your own problems and successes will push others away.
  • Racism/Sexism/Homophobia – When you exhibit dislike for a whole group of people, you show just how ignorant you are. Not only are you basing your opinion on a part of a person that has no effect on their intelligence or character, you group together a large number of people that are very different, and don’t really have the same personalities. Being hateful can make you really ugly to others.
  • Arrogance – If you believe that you are the greatest person out there, it can be off-putting. It’s important to show a little humility in order to let others in. Being too arrogant will most definitely make people dislike you.
  • Aggressiveness – Being overly aggressive can make you appear in a negative light. People don’t want to hang out with individuals that can’t control their temper. This applies to both people who are verbally aggressive as well as physically aggressive.

Humans are such social beings, so exhibiting traits like these can make others want to avoid you, which can take a toll. You don’t want to be lonely. Everyone wants friends and a significant other. Displaying these harsh personality traits can hamper your ability to maintain relationships. If you struggle with one of these, counseling can be helpful. Otherwise, just try to be nice 🙂

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