Pet Peeve: Unsupervised Children

One of the most annoying parenting habits, in my opinion, is leaving children unattended or unsupervised in public places.

For instance, I take my daughter to a playground at the mall, and we have a lot of fun. But, I only go during school hours. This is because so often, during later hours or during summer vacation, parents bring their older children to the play area and let them run free. They don’t keep an eye on them, and the kid is usually pretty wild. I don’t like having to tell other kids to not push my child down. For one, they should have been taught to be nicer to other kids. And, second, it should be that child’s parent’s job to reprimand them for inappropriate behavior. However, if they aren’t paying attention, I have no problem saying that I will get the mall security if they can’t be respectful towards the other kids.

I also hate when I see a kid running wild at a restaurant or in a store. Parents need to keep a closer eye on their kids, especially in today’s world. When you hear about kidnappings, the parents always say, “I looked away for just a second…” when, in reality, the time a child spent unsupervised what much longer.

I also see kids running around the neighborhood at a very young age. Granted, I live in a very safe neighborhood. I have four cops living just on my block, and there are many more close by. People in this area tend to be a little more law-abiding that most. But I will see children as young as 2 years old running around with their siblings. I never think it’s appropriate to have a 6-year-old be responsible for younger siblings. Ever. So much can happen in the blink of an eye, and the older sibling isn’t old enough or mature enough to make good decisions about childcare.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m just over-protective. I just think that kids need more supervision these days…

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