Hump Day Dump Day

On my local radio station, there is a morning show with John J. and Rich. They are actually really funny, and they have several segments where they like to get involved in various peoples’ relationships.

On Wednesdays, their segment is called “Hump Day Dump Day.” Basically, they have an individual call in to give their story. For these shows, a person would call in if they have been dumped by someone recently, and they want to know why. For instance, maybe a person went on a couple of dates with someone, then they stopped hearing from them. They could call in and get John J. and Rich to call that person to find out why they don’t want to date the caller.

One show, in particular, always stuck in my mind.

This dude called in, and he explained how he finally got the guts to ask out this girl who had just broken up with her boyfriend. He explained that he was hesitant because she was “out of his league,” but he figured that he had nothing to lose. She couldn’t say “yes” if he didn’t ask, right?

Anyway, she actually did agree to that first date, but she stopped taking his calls after that. She would avoid him at work, and he never got a real explanation as to why she didn’t want to date him.

So the hosts called this girl up and questioned her. She admitted that she had just gotten out of a long term relationship, and she wasn’t ready to start something new. She explained that he was obviously looking for something serious, and she wasn’t. This all seemed pretty reasonable until he piped up.

He asked why she wouldn’t even talk to him, and how could she be such a cold person? He was pretty assertive about it, and I think it took her off guard. She called him out for calling her on the radio, and told him he was a coward for being so sneaky. Then, she broke out with the real reason:

Dumping her whole “not ready for a relationship” excuse, she announced: “Have you even seen yourself?!”

It became clear that she was not into him because of his appearance.

The show ended pretty abruptly because she hung up.

I don’t know if I felt bad for him or not because of the way he decided to call her out on the radio. But it was interesting. I always like to listen to that morning show. John J. and Rich are pretty funny.

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