Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater

In any relationship, cheating is an awful thing. Not only does it show your partner that you aren’t really invested in the relationship, it breaks any chance you might have at trust in the future. It makes your partner feel like they aren’t good enough, and sometimes they’ll even blame themselves, thinking that they pushed you to cheat somehow. But being a cheater is something you have to take responsibility for. You are making the decisions, and you need to accept the consequences.

Cheating seems to be rampant these days. We are always hearing about scandals with celebrity couples, and I can name several couples I know personally who have broken up because one of the two was disloyal. In the military, I’ve heard about it quite a bit. Spouses will cheat on their soldier while they are deployed. This isn’t just the women back home, either. Husbands of female soldiers are just as likely to cheat.

However, in my opinion, cheating in a marriage is a worse act than if you’re just in a relationship. Marrying someone is a huge commitment. You stand up in front of your loved ones and declare that love. You promise your significant other that you will choose to love them for the rest of your life. It’s a serious commitment that comes with a lot of responsibility.

Marriage is hard, too. I’m not saying that it’s easy to be so committed to a single person. But, it’s an important part of life. You have to fight for it. You have to work out your problems, be there during hard times, celebrate the good times, and choose to stay with that person every single day.

To break the trust in a marriage is to sever a bond. You’ll change the environment in your home for the rest of your life. Your partner will always wonder if they can trust you, and, in some cases, the damage can’t be repaired.

In short… cheating is wrong. Love the one your with, or have the courage to break up with them before moving on. It’s that simple.

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  1. September 30, 2014 at 10:39 pm

    Actually cheating is common with both sexes, most of the time the woman can hide it better.

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