I first started watching So You Think You Can Dance during the second season. I missed the first season because I didn’t think it looked interesting. Then, my color guard coach made it a homework assignment to watch the second season. I started watching the auditions, and I was pretty interested. I found the awful dancers to be much more entertaining, though. But, as the show when on, I started liking it more and more.

From the very first audition, I loved Benji in the second season. He was so funny, and he was a great dancer. I remember being so riveted by the show, and I voted every time to make sure he stayed. That year, he won America’s Favorite Dancer, and I was so excited. Each year following, I would pick a favorite dancer, be obsessed with voting for them, and they would usually make it to at least the top four.

But, the year I moved to Tennessee, I missed several of the episodes, and I didn’t even watch the finally because we were moving and didn’t have any cable. That was a changing year for me.

Since then, I haven’t been nearly as interested in the show. I still record it so that I can watch it when I have time, but I find myself not looking forward to each episode. I don’t get attached to any of the dancers, and I feel like I’m watching the same stuff over and over. The choreographers have become so focused on trying to earn an Emmy that they make up these ridiculous back stories to the dance. Why can’t they just dance because they want to? Why do they have to be portraying a story? It’s annoying.

Plus, my two favorite choreographers: Mia Michaels and Wade Robson. I like Tabitha and Napoleon, but even their dances are starting to get boring. I just don’t feel quite as inspired or affected by the dances as I used to be.

So I’m kind of over that show, I guess. Whatever…

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