We Need It

In this world, talking about sex is so frowned upon, and the topic of sex education in schools is so controversial. We push those topics under the rug, hide it from children, and make up weird words to mask everything. It’s such a shame. Sex is a normal thing that everyone does.

I think that the lack of education on this topic has a lot to do with the massive number of teen pregnancies. We don’t teach children about sex, so they find out strange information from their peers, and things happen. I can remember a rumor going around school saying that, if you put a tampon in after sex, it will absorb the semen, and you can’t get pregnant. This is really really false, so please don’t try this as a means of contraception. Teens come up with the wildest ideas, and it spreads like wildfire as truth. It’s such a shame that our culture won’t let them talk openly about it so that they can be properly informed.

Individuals who are uneducated about the topic are much more likely to contract an STD, as well. It makes sense for those numbers to be on the rise. If you don’t know how to prevent those diseases, then chances are, you’ll get one.

As a parent, I’ve already made certain decisions about my daughter’s sex education. For instance, I will never give her weird names for body parts. It’s not a “wee wee,” it’s a penis. It’s not a “hoo ha,” it’s a vagina. End of story. Those are the medical terms for it, and that’s what we should call it. There should be no shame in hiding this from children. I want her to feel comfortable with her body. I will explain that no one can touch her in those places for safety purposes. But I also want her to have the vocabulary necessary to talk about sex in a mature manner as she ages. If I can’t say “sex” in front of her, how do I expect her to talk to me about her activity as she gets older. Instead, I want to set a good example, and I want to give her a good source of true information. I owe it to her.

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    Thanks for sharing Steph.

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