Today’s Progress 9/24/14

Today was a really busy day. I had to wake up early to take my husband to work, and I had my daughter’s toddler class. After that, I had to take my husband some lunch because his work isn’t accepting debit cards in the cafeteria right now. Then, I came home and started blogging like crazy.

I managed to get to 2000 points today, which is pretty impressive to me. I earned just shy of 1500 points in a single day. I feel really excited because I managed to get all that done, even though I spend most of the day out of the house.

Even after I got home, I still had to drive back to the hospital to pick up my husband from work. He called when he was ready, and I headed out there. When we got home, we had our usual, “How was your day?” “How was your day” conversation, which was nice. I love to hear about his day. Then, even though it was almost seven at night, I started cooking dinner. Since it was so late, I just made some simple stuff. I made some noodle dishes for myself and my daughter, and I made some bacon sandwiches for my husband.

We tried to watch the premiere of Survivor, but my husband couldn’t concentrate. He has his promotion board in the morning, and he is really nervous. He has been studying and cleaning his uniform all night. I am keeping my fingers crossed, and I’m pretty sure he will do just fine. I have a lot of confidence in him, even if he doesn’t. He is a good soldier, and they’d be crazy not to put him up for a potential promotion.

For now, this will probably be my last post of the night. I worked really hard today, and I feel like it paid off. I have earned my rest for the evening, and I’ll be back again tomorrow to start again. I don’t have any errands to run tomorrow, so I should be able to get quite a bit of writing done. Fingers crossed!

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