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My husband and I have known each other for 11 years, and we have been a couple for ten of them. So, naturally, we tend to have our inside jokes with each other.

My favorite is about reincarnation.

We always say that, in a past life, we were together, except he was the girl and I was the boy. This is because of our natural tendencies. For instance, I am not a girly-girl. I don’t like to wear jewelry, dresses, or high heels, and the only makeup I wear is eyeliner and mascara. Occasionally, I’ll throw on a lip gloss, but it has to be for a really fancy event. I am not into clothes, either. I like my comfy jeans and a t-shirt, and I really love my yoga pants. I’m just not extremely feminine.

My husband likes stuff like that, though. He is very concerned about his appearance, and he always wears nice clothes. He would wear jewelry more if it was socially acceptable, but he never leaves the house without his silver chain around his neck. He like accessories, like hats and such, too.

So you can kind of see where we get it. We think that those characteristics have carried over from our previous life together.

We always laugh and say that, in the next life, we need to switch back. I make him laugh when I say how tired I am of shaving my legs, and he wishes he didn’t have to shave his face all the time.

It’s a nice, thought, though. On a deeper level, we are essentially saying that our souls were meant to be together. So, even though we are reincarnating through different lives, people, and even genders, we still love each other.

There is nothing more romantic than that. It’s so comforting to know that I will have him again in the next life. I’d be lost without him 🙂

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  1. September 26, 2014 at 8:52 am

    awww, sweet! <3 <3 <3

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