While I am pretty broke on a regular basis, I still try to donate change and small bills to charity organizations. There are some that I almost always ignore, but there are some that I will scour my purse to find a little cash for.

For instance, I always like to donate to children’s hospitals and programs that go towards education. If a kid comes to my door to sell something for a school fundraiser, I always buy something. Even if it’s the cheapest thing offered, I still want to contribute. Our children are the future, and I think it’s important to give them the best chance possible. Plus, schools are so wildly under-funded, so helping out is something we all need to do. The money obviously won’t be coming from the government anytime soon, and they need things now.

The other kind of charity that pulls at my heart strings are ones designed to help animals. Animal shelters, adoption programs, and any other kind of programs that help our furry friends is very important, in my opinion. I think it’s mostly because animals are so helpless. They can’t explain their story, and they have no way of defending themselves. They can’t earn money, or spend it, but their caretakers can. If someone is willing to dedicate their time and effort to helping these animals have a better life, the least we can do is help them pay for it. Even the smallest donations can really help.

As people, it’s important to donate to charities. You may have some causes that are closer to your heart than others, and that’s fine. But you should chip in. There are so many people who have it a lot worse than you, and we need to take care of each other. I’m not saying that we have to pay for everything for anyone down on their luck, but we at least need to try. Right?

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