A Fictional Vacation

If I could visit any fictional setting in the history of literature, I would head to Diagon Alley.

When I was 10, I started reading the books. Immediately, I fell in love with these magical people and place. I can’t even begin to describe the disappointment I felt when my 11th birthday rolled around, and there was no owl with my letter saying I had been accepted to Hogwarts. Sadly, I am just a mere Muggle, and I’m not allowed in that world.

At first, when I thought about it, I thought that I would want to visit Hogwarts. But then, I decided that, to truly immerse myself and to experience the real life of a wizard, I’d have to visit somewhere other than a school. So I decided on Diagon Alley.

I would love to head to the wand shop to see what kind of wand would pick me. It was so interesting to read about Harry’s experience, and I bet it was weird to have that measuring tape moving all on its own.

I would also love to go pick up a cat at the Magical Menagerie. I feel like they are one of the few crossovers from the Muggle world to the magical world. Pet cats are popular on both sides, which is interesting to think about, considering how few commonalities we have with them.

I think a visit to the ice cream shop would also be necessary. I mean, what’s a day out shopping without a sweet treat?

A visit to Gringott’s would be absolutely necessary. Just riding the carts down to the different vaults would be an adventure all on its own! And the goblins are so interesting. I bet they could tell some really great stories.

On my way out, I’d stop and have a drink at the Leaky Cauldron. I bet that place would have the ultimate people-watching experience. And I’d like to meet Tom. He seems like a sweet old man.

Now I’m all excited about my fictional trip. I wish I could really go. That would be amazing!


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