Slowly Getting Rid of Satellite TV

My husband and I have been customers of Direct TV for about five years now, and we have been pretty loyal. We pay our bills on time, and we buy extras like insurance and such.

Recently, the decided that we needed an NFL extra package on top of our current channels. They added these without our permission. AND I didn’t notice the extra charge until three months of it had been paid (it get’s automatically withdrawn each month, and I never thought to check it). So I have now paid them 120 bucks for channels I don’t want.

This isn’t the first time either. We are constantly getting charged for movie channels we didn’t order, or they will try to charge us to come out and fix broken equipment, even though we have the insurance that is supposed to cover it. We have paid them so much money, it’s ridiculous.

So, I’m done. I called and talked to a supervisor, and I cut us down to the most basic package. I also know the exact date that our contract expires, and, come June 23rd, we will be terminating our account. I am tired of paying for things I don’t want, and I would much rather just have Netflix and Hulu to watch. They have tons of shows for my daughter, and I don’t really keep track of many shows. The ones that I do are shown online the next day for free, and I’d much rather watch from my computer than spend one more dime paying for satellite.

While this is an awful rant, I don’t completely hate the service. They have good channels, and they have some awesome features. They even offer an insurance plan that covers your TVs, computers, tablets, and anything else that can stream your TV shows for only 25 bucks. We even had a TV break down, and they bought us a new one.

So, I don’t think they’re the worst. I am just tired of paying for things I don’t want. So I’m terminating our account. I wonder if I’ll miss them… I guess we’ll find out next June!

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  1. September 17, 2014 at 10:16 pm

    That’s awful that they don’t inform you about adding packages. I love myself some NFL football, but I wouldn’t pay an extra $30-40 a month, especially if I didn’t ASK for it. I always thought that was optional. I’m sorry to hear that they’re forcing things on people – that’s starting to happen with cable, too, but at least Xfinity tells us about it.

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